Iceland Collaboration
Dr. Butler was in Iceland from Aug. 27-Sept. 8, 2003 on an exchange meeting on the subject of the elves, gnomes and Huldu folk. His Sept. 1st lecture, sponsored by Icelandic Farm Holidays and Holer University, and held at Teacher's University in Reykjavik will be available live on Web cast.

Summit Films (research is completing a half-hour documentary on Dr. Butler and the work of the ELFEN Project which includes his visit to Iceland. This show will air on television at the beginning of the New Year, 2004 for the Magnificent Obsessions documentary series.

A special intense workshop (limited to 40 people), led by Jim Butler, Elaine Butler and Caroline Wilkinson and special guests, on Connecting to the World of Fairies, Elves, and Little People is scheduled for Aug. 20-22, 2004, Friday to Sunday in the rustic and beautiful forest setting of the Pallisades Centre, Jasper National Park, Alberta.

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